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Mario Kart DS
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17th-Jan-2006 10:34 pm(no subject)
Any of you guys know what chracter + kart this is:

picture under hereCollapse )

He is the winner of the DS connection tour Mario Kart championship, and that seems to be his kart on that screen. I'm asuming anyway, doesn't matter. The point is, that looks a bit like a dry bones, I can't tell, but I can't tell what the kart is. The reason for wanting to know is that I'm going and entering (except I live in another state where it hasn't been yet) and I want to know who to practice with. If I know I can use unlockable characters and karts, then I can practice with Waluigi in a standard DB. If it's basics, then yoshi and the egg will have to do me. I prefer waluigi, but yoshi's good too. It would be annoying to practice with Waluigi, and then I can't use him. Pfft, probably not much, but it might give me a vital extra second edge.
7th-Jan-2006 05:43 pm - WTF, mate?
me, face your manga
This is quoted from one of the communities I go to that started a MKDS thread:

Wow, I just went to EB today and tried Mariokart Wi-Fi
for the first time. I chose worldwide and had a 1-on-1 match with this
guy called "B*********" and the * mean Japanese characters. His record
was 130 wins/ 50 losses, he had a 16 bit Mario image for an emblem, and
He used Yoshi with a Dry Bomber that has no wheels but hovers? Yeah it
was something like that. When I raced him, his card was hovering and
shifting sideways left and right very quickly, it was like a bee or
something. I got PWN3D bad but I wanted to be nice and just give him
wins so I didnt quit the race.

I immediately called snake, but then the guy said his opponent wasn't snaking, just moving rapidly side to side:
Also, I couldnt see the blue or red sparks because I was actually there 1millimeter from his kart and I couldnt see nothin:o And to snake, his car would have to go at least a little diagonally, but it was just going straight and shifting/shuffling like when you're going on defense on basketball and you're guarding the guy with teh bal1. He was so ahead of me that when I fired a blue shell, I didnt hear Dry Bones laugh until 2 minutes later And is there even such thing as a hovering Dry Bomber?

If it ain't snaking, then I have no idea what he's talking about. Especially about the "hovering Dry Bomber"; the last thing I unlocked was Daisy, so all of the available karts are a mystery to me. =x Can anyone figure out what this guy is referring to when he talks about his opponent's method of pwnage?
5th-Jan-2006 09:36 am - Save recent players?
Well I just got MK and I just hooked it up to my wifi at home. After playing many games with people dropping out left and right, I played with someone who stuck around for all our games. Is there anyway I can save this person as a friend or something?

btw, my mk info:

4th-Jan-2006 04:13 pm - Snaking?
Yes, I confess my newbie-ism. I'm pretty new to Kart DS, just started playing WiFi. I keep hearing people complaining about snaking. Can somebody clue me in as to what "snaking" is and why it's so bad?
31st-Dec-2005 11:26 am - Friend Code
i thought i knew what the friend code was on the back of my DS - i imported a Japanese one and i cant read the instructions - and now i think my code might be in Japanese.

someone help, which one is it!
30th-Dec-2005 08:18 pm - A little disappointed
OK. I am a little disappointed in something. I went through this community about 3 or 4 days ago and added all the friends codes listed and commented that I did so. I filled up all 60 spaces. So far, 2 people have added me in return. I know there's that database listing of all users and their friend codes but what I want to know is how many people out there are still currently playing Mario Kart DS and would add me so we can actually race online. I want to race with people but the people I added must not play anymore or something. I race under the name mobhead and my friend code is 386607 878954. Please comment once you've added me because, no offense to anyone, but I wasted a lot of time adding all those codes to my DS. For those that did add me...Thank you.
So a little while ago I was picking through some forums... some guy made a thread something like "OMG I BEAT A THREE STAR RACER he wasn't that good is he really a three star racer his name was xxxxxx do you guys know him?" I thought that was stupid. This type of thread isn't too uncommon, but it just bugs the crap out of me. What I found even more funny is that in the thread, there's some guy going "oh it was my cousin's kid playing" or something like that. You'd let someone else ruin your record online? You don't have to go online to be in a race, hahaa... :P

This game is designed for the underdogs to come and knock the crap out of who's in 1st. That doesn't mean that three star racer sucks so bad. Sure, you can get a big lead... but if you're constantly being pounded by lots of "random" items, racing gets pretty difficult. I swear, lightning has never hit me so many times before. :P There is an alternative strategy that I use... but IMHO is not as dependable as just all-out racing to be in 1st all the time.

Does anyone have a count of how many times they've gotten hit in a race and still came out in 1st? I've got a count on 6 blue shells and two red ones so far. 6! WTF you know?

Yeah, we all know this stuff... it's just more of a rant that I thought up while trying to pick up the other cups I didn't finish yet.
27th-Dec-2005 04:57 pm - An easy way of making emblems
me, face your manga

Wifico needs one of these. =D

My new emblem:

Of course the same thing could be done with Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, but there's the extra step of creating the dumbed down color palette that is used in MKDS. Not to mention applying new palette to an image that has more colors than the palette.
27th-Dec-2005 01:51 pm - Lost my friend codes!
Argh. I knew a full erase would get rid of all my stats, but had no idea it would wipe out my friend code and force me to get a new one. Mea culpa! Unfortunately, that means I lost all my friends. I've updated my wifico profile, but wanted to let anyone here know: my new friend code is 051601 585350. Please re-add me if you have a free minute and let me know so I can re-add you!


PS: Oh yeah, I also just got AC:WW! My friend code for that is 2019-2544-4691 if you want to visit.
27th-Dec-2005 01:18 am - MKDS Online Stats?
Is there someway I can find out what my stats are in MKDS online? Like how many wins/losses I have? I have searched the nintendowifi.com site as well as the web and this LJ community, but haven't found anything...
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